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Mount Elgon Nyasaland Coffee community is also, originally, a Slow Food Presidium that involves 40 producers organized in a cooperative group called ‘’Miale Tubana Mixed Farmers’’ (Miale Tubana is a Lugisu term that means “the Miale village members come together”).

The community’s objectives are to safeguard and add value to the Nyasaland coffee variety, improve the coffee quality by working on the harvesting, cleaning, pulping, fermenting, sun drying, and storage phases; and promote it on the local market with awareness-raising events.

Coffee Variety: Arabica, Nyasaland variety

Farming system: The coffee is grown in the shade in an agroforestry system, intercropped with: Cordia Africana / Kiki khili; Ficus Natalensis / Shikaile tree; Makhamia / Lusambya or Lusora; Albizia / Kumulukhu (Shilukhu); Khutoto; Kisoyo (Ficus spp); Fruit trees except mangoes.

Altitude: 1,260-1,550 masl

Participatory Guarantee System initiative:

The Mount Elgon Nyasaland Coffee decided to start a PGS initiative after attending a PGS workshop provided by Slow Food Uganda. The community group created the Ethical Committe and signed the PGS pledge in March 2022.

The Ethical Committee is formed by a technitian, four farmers and a youth leader.