International events 

Here you can find the events organized by the Slow Food Coffee Coalition network at the international level. Click here for the Italy-based events.

The Slow Food Coffee Coalition (SFCC): is ‘good,’ ‘clean,’ and ‘fair’ the only way we have to save the future of coffee? Meeting with Cesar Marin from La Chacra D’Dago, a biodynamic coffee farm in Peru

Nordic Roasting Co., roastery of the SFCC, together with Slow Food Denmark are organizing an event about SFCC in Copenhagen on the 27th of Feb. Special Guest: Cesar Marin, the producer from la Chacra D’dago, part of the Slow Food Community Villa Rica Sustainable Coffee in Perù.

Click here to discover the program and sign up.

Slow Food Connect

Slow Food Connect is a dedicated social media platform for Slow Food activists from all over the world.
Come together and share thoughts, feelings and projects with like-minded people who are actively creating a better world. Start connections, conversations, ask questions and collectively influence how food is cultivated, produced, distributed and enjoyed.
With everyone’s contribution, it’s possible to imagine a different world. Join us and let’s continue working on transforming the food system to guarantee Good, Clean and Fair Coffee for all!