Training meetings and events

Here you can find the events organized by the Slow Food Coffee Coalition network at the international level. Click here for the Italy-based events.


Slow Food Coffee Coalition House at Cheese 2023 in Italy

At cheese 2023 the slow food coffee coalition makes its debut, bringing together all participants in the coffee supply chain, from farmers to consumers.

The Slow Food Coffee Coalition space is where to go to for a different coffee experience: not just by tasting it, but by trying to understand what makes coffee good for the environment and for those who produce it.


The Slow Food Coffee Coalition (SFCC): is ‘good,’ ‘clean,’ and ‘fair’ the only way we have to save the future of coffee? Meeting with Cesar Marin from La Chacra D’Dago, a biodynamic coffee farm in Peru

Nordic Roasting Co., roastery of the SFCC, together with Slow Food Denmark are organizing an event about SFCC in Copenhagen on the 27th of Feb. Special Guest: Cesar Marin, the producer from la Chacra D’dago, part of the Slow Food Community Villa Rica Sustainable Coffee in Perù.

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