Slow Food Communities
We aim to create connections and improve the relationship between producers and consumers. As the name ‘coalition’ already suggests, we are an inclusive network open to people from different backgrounds and expertise that want to make a significant impact, together.

🇨🇺 Cuba

Bio Cuba Cafè Frente Oriental

Rubert Almenares Romón

🇨🇴 Colombia

Productores de cafè colaborativo Jacoba la Unión Nariño

Burbano Gomez Luis Carlos

🇹🇱  East Timor

Timor Leste Coffee Coalition

Leite Soares Jonia

🇬🇹 Guatemala

Mujeres Poq’omchi productrices de cafè Verdad y Vida de San Cristobal Verapaz

Miron Campos Dora Estela

🇭🇳  Honduras

Café resiliente El Paraíso

Martinez Ortez Diego Fernando

Las Capucas Sustainable Coffee Village

Morales Herrera Silvio

🇮🇳  India

Nilgirs Coffee

Jestin Pauls

Preservation of the traditional food culture and revitalization of indigenous crops, seeds and recipes in Nilgiris

Bose Aritra

🇮🇹  Italia

Slow Food Roma

Rossella Angius

🇲🇼  Malawi

Chakaka Coffee Growers

Chomba Lyson

Kajoni Coffee Growers

Geza Mary

Mantchewe-Nkhota-Mbulamaji Youth Coffee Growers

Chisambo Malekano

Vungu Vungu Coffee Growers

Mkandawire Nita

Nkhonthwa coffee growers

Mdoka Linda

Junju coffee growers

Nyirenda Lawrencia

Mphachi coffee growers

 Msiska Medson

🇲🇽  Mexico

Red de Cafeticultores de comunidades indígenas de Tlaola

Velazquez Hernandez Angel

Cafeticultores de altura, Huauchinango

Avila Mejia Adelfo Primitivo

Bosque, niebla y café Xalapa

Stephany Escamilla

Nimi Juba, guardianes de bosques comestibles cafetaleros de la montaña de Guerrero

Villani Catalan Elvia

Productores de Cafè Sustentable Cuaxtla Sierra Negra

Efraín Lechuga

🇳🇮 Nicaragua

Productores de café LIFT Jinotega

Moreno Marta Alicia

🇵🇪 Perù

Café Sustentable Villa Rica

Marin Cesar

🇵🇭  Philippines

Slow Food Manila

Pacita Juan

Minoyan Murcia Coffee Network

Canete Teddy

Indigenous Youth Eco-Cultural Warriors of Mountain Province

Maches Daniel M

Coffee Coalition of Marilog, Davao City

Mamar Jocelyn

🇺🇬 Uganda

Bukusu Yetana Coffee, Banana and local poutry producers

Anthony Benedictus Wakimwanyi

Coffee farmers and gardeners of Kirembe

Zerie Muhindo

Mt. Elgon Nyasaland Coffee

Khauka Mutwalibi Magolofa

Ntanzi coffee, banana and local vegetable producers

Walusimbi George william

Kanoni coffee producers of Ssembabule

Betuza Abdul

Luwero Kisansa coffee

Mubiru Ronard

Bogoya, cocoa, vanilla, coffee (bocovaco) producers-Kisigula

Musoke Richard

Nteete Beer keepers and coffee producers

Mugabi Edward

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Boards of Experts

Here you can find our International Board of Experts. They are worldwide experts that form the consultative organ of the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, who actively give suggestions, thoughts and vision to make this a real collaborative network.