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The Monoyan Murcia Coffee Network community was born in november 2021 to preserve, develop and promote the coffee in its natural environment and the small scale coffee growers of Minoyan.

In order to achieve this general objective, we commit to:

  • Embrace Participatory Guarantee System to standardize what quality coffee is through the advocacy of GOOD, CLEAN and FAIR food. This will be the standard to be followed by all members which will be conveyed to the public in order that they may appreciate what quality coffee is.
  • Hold seminars for the improvement of their coffee.
  • Find market links for their produce and products.
  • Be active participants in the Slow Food Movement and will be guided by its advocacies.

Coffee Varieties: Robusta

Farming System: Coffee is grown in the shade in a consociated agroforestry system.

Participatory Guarantee System initiative:

The community created the Ethical Committe and signed the PGS pledge in November 2021, after attending the workshop on PGS.

The Ethical Committee is formed by coffee producers and a roaster.