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Café Sustentable Villa Rica

Community: The general objective of the Slow Food Café Sustentable Villa Rica Community is: to contribute to the growth and diffusion of the international Slow Food movement while sustaining a food system in harmony with the dignity of people, social justice, the environment and all living beings, and at the same time to promote local products, especially coffee.

To achieve this overall objective, they are committed to:

Promote behaviors with Slow Food values at home and in the kitchen. To value the raw materials and local products of the Villa Rica area. Obtain through the art of recycling (food, waste) and general events such as Disco Sopas to promote this type of activities. Generate activities with coffee in order to promote good, clean and fair coffee. Seek to generate Slow Food education programs for children and youth.
Slow Food for children and youth.

The creation of the community was promoted by the Chacra D’ago farm in Villa Rica, the coffee center of Perù. Since 2005 Chacra D’ Dago is a farm that produces coffee with biodynamic practices (Rudolf Steiner practices). In 2008 it obtained the Grand Cru in the championship of specialty coffees held at the Cafeoteque (Paris, France). In 2011 it is the first coffee farm in Peru to obtain the Demeter Certification. Chacra D’ Dago is positioned in more than 5 countries as a Denomination of Origin.

The other participants of the community are:

A roaster and teacher; a local entrepreneur, that works with coffee beans to make art; a cook; a worker of the farm and advocates growing your own food; a forest engineer.

PGS initiative: In July 2021, the Slow Food Community “Slow Food Café Sustentable Villa Rica” formed the Ethical Committee and signed the PGS pledge. In the same period, the Gurantee group carried out the field visits to one producer, completing the PGS process for the year.

Terra Madre batch:

350kg arrived to Milan malpensa airport, bought directly from Critical Coffee.

Country: Perù

Region: Villa Rica, Oxapampa, Pasco, Perù

Producers:  Cesar Marin Arce, Chacra D’dago

Variety: Yellow Obata

Altitude: 1500-1700 masl

Process: anaerobic: 3 days cherries +3 days despulpado + washed +  21 days  dry in shadow 

Pictures credits: Erminia Nodari