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Bosque, niebla y café Xalapa

Community: The Bosque, Niebla y Café Xalapa Community participates in the Slow Food Coffee Coalition to promote the consumption of Good, Clean and Fair coffee through raising end-consumer awareness of the importance of shade-grown coffee in an environmental, social and economic context in Mexico.

The creation of the Bosque, Niebla y Café Xalapa Community was promoted by Cafecol together with 200 producers from 20 producers’ communities. Located in Southern Mexico, in the State of Veracruz, it has been part of the Slow Food Coffee Coalition since 2021. 

Its member producers conserve more than 84 percent of the biodiversity of the “bosque de niebla” through soil fertilization, pollination, and protecting the rich flora and fauna.


The coffee is grown in the shade in an agroforestry system, intercropped with other trees and plants such as: platain, shade timber trees, milpa system (beans, pumpkins and corn).

Coffee: Arabica

Participatory Guarantee System Initiative: In April 2022, the Bosque, Niebla y Café Xalapa Community was the promoter of the creation of a National Ethical Committee for Mexico, of which they are a member. 

In June 2022 they created the local Ethical Committee, and most of the member are small-holders producers of the indigenous peoples náhuatl. The member are:

Stephany Escamilla Femat, administrator of the group and spokeperson of the Community.

Nelly Sánchez López

Mateo Acahua Temoxtle

Concepción Xochimanahua M.

Reyna Cuatra Cuatra

Demetrio Rosales Andrade

Elia Xochimanahua Macuixtle

Jesus Jaime Omar Tzitzihua Cocotle

Anayanshi Oltehua Tezoco

They have signed the PGS pledge. To date, one producer family was the first to join the initiative.

The 22nd of June 2022, the Guarantee Group carried out the field visits and the PGS process for 2022 and batch  for Terra Madre was concluded.

Terra Madre batch: Sample of 5 bags (approx 350kg).

Country: Veracruz, México

Region: Region Zongolica, 

Producers:  Familia Oltehua Vásquez, Café Cooperativo / Cafecol

Variety: Borbón, Garnica, Colombia

Altitude: 1312 mt

Process: Washed, long fermentation 

Pictures from: Josias Oltehua Tezoco