🇭🇳 Honduras

The Community “Cafè Resiliente El paraíso” was created in 2022 with the to: bring together producer friends with the common goal of practicing environmentally friendly production and marketing healthy products for ourselves and our communities, to support each other to obtain a fair price for our products and to improve the quality of life of our families.

For generations, agricultural practices and concepts have been inherited and mistakes made that affected production were attributed to climatic, financial, technological and cultural factors. The problem lies in the agricultural model applied. For this reason, our community wishes to change the way of production, share knowledge, and thus overturn the misconceptions.

We want to do it following these steps:

 1. Implement new agricultural concepts in our production systems.

2. Make adequate use of the natural resources of the productive unit.

3. Incorporate agricultural and environmental practices that regenerate the life of the soil and the environment.

4. Diversify agricultural and livestock production.

5. Improve coffee post-production practices to maintain quality.

6. Establish lasting relationships between producers and final customers.

7. Educate our younger generations.

8. Participate in the activities proposed by the SFCC and in the international SF.

The companies Zuncuán Honduras and U Regnu Trading. Inc. have joined forces to facilitate the export and marketing of high quality coffee. They will receive advice on organic agroforestry production processes that reduce environmental impact, strengthen the soil to mitigate temperature changes, and protect biodiversity. They will be accompanied by investments in infrastructure to store water and reduce the contamination of coffee honey water. Finally, a learning community will be promoted with local youth and universities to influence the adoption of practices that care for the environment and people.

Coffee Variety: Arabica

Farming System: Coffee is grown in the shade in a consociated agroforestry system with primary and secondary shade plants and fruits such as for example avocado, citruses, platains.

Harvesting season: November/December – March

Participatory Guarantee System initiative: In the first half of August 2022, the Slow Food Commuunity decided to establish a PGS initiative and formed Ethical Commitee. This group signed the good, clean and fair coffee guidelines of the SFCC and the PGS pledge, taking officially part to the first PGS pilot initiative. Druing the month of August 2022 the community members in the Guarantee Group carried out field visits to four different producers.

Photo credits: Isabel Perez