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Coffee Coalition in Peru: a short supply chain and alliances among its actors can foster virtuous producers and roasters

Cesar Marin, 36, is one of Dagoberto Marin’s three sons. Their farm, La Chacra D’dago in Palomar, literally “Dago’s farm,” was the first farm in Peru to be certified as biodynamic (in 2011, with Demeter certification) and today is still the only independent farm to be so in the country. Underlying biodynamics is the idea that humans, the environment and animals should live in harmony in a closed cycle that does not deplete resources but regenerates them. …

Trip to Honduras along the coffee supply chain

In Las Capucas, a small rural community in the mountains of the municipality of San Pedro de Copán, most families are somehow linked to coffee production.

Francisco Villeda, known as Pancho, is among the member producers …

The first cups of good, clean and fair coffee, 29 new Slow Food Communities in nine countries and blockchain innovations

Seventeen months, just under a year and a half, have passed since April 22, 2021, the day the Slow Food Coffee Coalition (SFCC) was officially launched. A good moment, then, to take stock, looking back at what has been achieved, looking forward at what will happen in the near future and setting new and ambitious objectives. 

On International Day of Coffee we celebrate the first anniversary of the Slow Food Coffee Coalition

Over one year after its launch, the Slow Food Coffee Coalition has achieved significant results. Eight Slow Food Communities have already implemented a Participatory Guarantee System.

Participatory Guarantee Systems: an alternative model of community certification

This is the question that many producers in the Slow Food network have asked over the years. Since 2018, the answer has been Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS). But what are they and how do they work?

Leaving to Never return: the story of Ciccio

Francesco Anastasi, called by his friends ‘Ciccio’, was born in Messina and graduated, in 2014, at UNISG with a thesis on: “Swordfish fishing in the Strait of Messina: myth, sustainability, and future”.

The story of coffee in India

The story of the coffee in India began in 1670, thanks to a Sufi named Bada Budan who was responsible for bringing it to the country.

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