The Slow Food Coffee Coalition is an open and collaborative network,
uniting all the participants involved in the coffee supply chain, from farmers to consumers.

We believe that good taste and good practices should finally start going hand in hand…
And that’s where our Manifesto comes in!

The Manifesto underlines our values, promotes transparency and traceability,
while shining a spotlight on each farmer’s fantastic work.

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The Slow Food Coffee Coalition

Our network

We aim to create connections and improve the relationship between producers and consumers. As the name ‘coalition’ already suggests, we are an inclusive network open to people from different backgrounds and expertise that want to make a significant impact, together. Ready to join us? Sign the Manifesto!


Our education

One way of generating this collaboration is through training and education. We want everyone along the supply chain to be supported by the network and receive regular workshops and training.

Our coffee system

We are also aiming to educate the consumers about the ethics of a Good, Clean and Fair coffee, a concept we defined in our Manifesto and which is at the core of what we do!